Register for Council Tax or tell us about a move

If the move is more than 3 weeks away, please tell us about it nearer the time, as we won't be able to update your account until then.

You can tell us that you have either moved in, moved out or have moved from one address to another within the city of Newcastle upon Tyne.

Before you start - Please note you will need an email account to submit this online form.

  • Check if your property is within the Newcastle City Council area. Find your local authority
  • If you are unable to obtain your council tax reference number please complete: General Enquiry
  • If you are moving into a 'new build' property please complete: New Build
  • If you are a landlord or a managing agent and want to tell us about a change of tenants please complete: Tenant Change
  • If you have purchased a property and are renovating so therefore will not be moving in for at least 21 days please complete: Property Purchase
  • If you are moving from a property but your tenancy does not end with 21 days please complete: Property Change
  • If you are selling an empty property: Property Change
  • If you were not liable to pay council tax at your previous address, you will need to complete the Move into Newcastle form. 

You do not need to inform us if:

  • If you are moving into Newcastle and are not going to be liable for Council Tax e.g moving in with parents (If the person you are moving in with is in receipt of a discount they must inform us)
  • You are moving into a House of Multiple Occupation

Your home may be classified as a House of Multiple Occupation if:

a dwelling inhabited by persons who do not constitute a single household, each of whom either:-

  • is a tenant of, or has a licence to occupy, part only of the dwelling; or
  • has a licence to occupy but is not liable (whether alone or jointly with the other persons) to pay rent or a licence fee in respect of the dwelling as a whole.


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